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Guide to Watch Movements

Watches are equal parts art and science and the end result of centuries of innovation, creativity, and talent. Inside their masterful and attractive cases is a complex masterwork of machinery that keeps the timepiece ticking. This is referred to as the movement. There are three primary kinds of watch movements, each offering its own benefits. Find what movement is right for you with Exclusively Diamonds.


The manual movement is the first power source for timepieces. While the mechanisms have been refined over the centuries, manual movement is as old as the first timepiece. Unlike other movements, the watch must be manually wound to work. Usually on the right side of the case, there is a dial that can be pulled out. Once pulled out, the wearer must turn it. This increases tension on the mainspring, which delivers energy to several wheels until it finally moves the hands.


This movement has much of the same machinery as a manual, but instead, it has a rotor on the case’s back. As the wearer moves their wrist, it will charge the rotor, which delivers power to the rest of the watch. Highly convenient, automatic movement is a true work of art. However, it is important to note that even automatic watches may still need winding occasionally. As such, it will likely still have a dial on the right side of the case.


Quartz movement is the standard in most contemporary watches, and it is precise, reliable, and inexpensive. Invented by Seiko in 1964, these watches are by far the most popular today. Unlike mechanical watches, quartz uses batteries. These batteries power a crystal that vibrates at a very specific frequency. A series of circuits converts this frequency to mechanical power that, in turn, moves the hands by a second. This has the visible effect of moving all at once rather than the gradual sweeping motions of mechanical timepieces.

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