Oval Cut Rings



a woman holds her partner’s hand while wearing an oval engagement ring.
About Oval Cut Rings

Oval cut engagement rings exude an elegant charm and sophisticated allure that make them a favored choice for those seeking both tradition and a touch of modernity in their ring selection. Characterized by their elongated shape, oval cut diamonds can create the illusion of greater size compared to round cut diamonds of the same carat weight, offering a unique blend of grace and perceived value. This shape also flatters the finger, making it appear longer and more slender—an appealing attribute for many. Opting for an oval cut engagement ring means embracing a piece that combines timeless elegance with contemporary flair.

A businesswoman inspects her side stone oval-cut engagement ring.
Why Choose an Oval Cut Diamond?

Choosing an oval cut diamond for your engagement ring is a decision that marries the allure of classic elegance with a contemporary twist. The elongated shape of an oval diamond not only offers a distinctive look but also has the remarkable ability to elongate and flatter the finger, creating a graceful and slender appearance. This cut maximizes the surface area, giving the illusion of a larger diamond, which means you can enjoy the perception of more carat for your money. Its versatility in fitting a wide range of settings, from minimalist solitaires to intricate vintage designs, allows for a personalized ring that reflects your unique style.

a woman holds a branch, wearing a solitaire oval-cut ring.
Popular Engagement Ring Designers with Oval Rings

The designers we offer are renowned for their thorough attention to detail, innovative design, and the premium quality of their diamonds. An oval cut diamond from Simon G. combines modern elegance with pure beauty, set in intricate bands that showcase the designer's commitment to excellence. A.JAFFE's oval cut rings are synonymous with sophistication, featuring classic designs that have been refined over a century. Martin Flyer, on the other hand, excels in seamlessly blending the oval cut's contemporary charisma with traditional settings. With Simon G., A.JAFFE, and Martin Flyer, you're not just selecting a ring; you're choosing a legacy of beauty and craftsmanship.

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Discover Oval Cut Rings at Exclusively Diamonds

At Exclusively Diamonds, our Mankato jewelry store located in Minnesota, we take pride in presenting a meticulously curated selection of oval cut engagement rings that epitomize elegance and timeless beauty. Our expert team is dedicated to providing personalized jewelry services, ensuring your journey to find the perfect engagement ring is as memorable as the ring itself. With a deep understanding of the significance behind each engagement ring, we strive to make your experience seamless and enjoyable. Visit us today at Exclusively Diamonds, where your dream of the perfect oval cut engagement ring becomes a reality.