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Engagement Ring Frequently Asked Questions

The engagement ring is iconic of romance, luxury, and glamor. Finding one is in itself an adventure, involving a great deal of searching, introspection, and research. Meanwhile, owning a ring requires care and maintenance. For new ring owners, purchasing and maintaining engagement rings can be daunting. We at Exclusively Diamonds hear many questions about these beautiful romantic accessories. Here are some of the most common questions. If your question isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What Diamond is Right for Me?

The center diamond is an essential feature of the engagement ring. It defines the ring’s aesthetic and style. Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes, each offering its own unique qualities. There are several different diamonds to choose from that cater to each and every taste. Such variety can be overwhelming. To select the gem that suits you, we recommend considering the four c’s – the guidelines by which gemologists grade diamonds – and choosing what speaks to your priorities.

The four c’s are cut, clarity, carat, and color. Cut indicates the overall shape of a diamond. There are several cuts out there, so you should read our diamond shape guide on the subject. Clarity refers to the number of flaws on a diamond, featuring inclusions and blemishes. Most prefer stones with few flaws.

Carat is a measurement of a gemstone’s size, weighing 0.2 grams. The bigger the carat number, the higher the cost. Color is indicative of a diamond’s hue. While the iconic diamond is completely colorless, they usually have a yellow-brown tint. Colorless diamonds are generally more desirable, but many love the striking hue of yellow, pink, and other colorful diamonds.

How Do I Find My Ring Size?

Always make sure that your engagement ring fits right. It ensures the comfort and longevity of your piece. Since you’re going to wear it for years, a perfect fit is essential. If tight rings are worn for long periods of time, they cut off blood circulation which can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. Meanwhile, loose rings can slip off at an inopportune time and become lost.

To find your ring size, you can either visit a jeweler or take the measurements at home. The latter isn’t as accurate, but it is convenient. Grab a tape measure, marker, and find a ring chart online (accessible through a quick web search). Wrap the finger you plan on wearing the engagement ring with the tape measure and mark where the ends meet. Compare it to an online ring chart. Note that different countries use different ring measurement systems.

What’s the Difference Between Sterling Silver, White Gold, and Platinum?

These three precious metals are commonly used in jewelry and exhibit similar hues. However, they are each very different. Sterling silver isn’t often used in engagement rings, but its color is commonly compared to white gold and platinum. This material is an alloy: a combination of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals (usually copper). It has an attractive light gray sheen that makes sterling silver an essential companion for any outfit. The metal’s vibrant hue accentuates colorful gemstones like amethyst and topaz. However, it tends to tarnish and dull, which isn’t ideal for bridal jewelry.

White gold is a shade darker than sterling silver but still possesses a vibrant shine. Originally invented as an affordable alternative to platinum, it is an alloy of pure gold and bright metals like palladium. Most white gold is plated with rhodium for a little extra sparkle. Unlike sterling silver, white gold never tarnishes or dulls. White gold should, however, be taken to a jeweler to be redipped. Otherwise, the metal’s natural yellow hue can peer through.

Platinum is the most valuable precious metal available for engagement rings. It has the brightest color, never tarnishes, and never needs to be redipped. Unlike other precious metals, platinum is well-suited for jewelry in its natural state, as it is inherently strong and durable. Sometimes, a small amount of cobalt is added to make the metal easier to make into jewelry. Note that while platinum is hard, it is still prone to scratches.

How Do I Keep My Engagement Ring Beautiful?

Engagement rings will always be beautiful, but they need some love and care to fulfill their potential. First, you’ll need to bring it to a jeweler occasionally for polishing and cleaning (and a redipping if it’s made of white gold). Do this twice a year to ensure your ring is always brilliant. Second, you should do regular cleanings at-home. It’s easier than it sounds; you just need some soap, warm water, a soft toothbrush (only soft toothbrushes), and a microfiber cloth.

Mix the warm water and soap into a bowl and soak the engagement ring for about 40 minutes. Once that’s done, give it a gentle scrub with the soft toothbrush. Why the emphasis on the toothbrush’s bristles? Precious metals are delicate and soft, so they are prone to scratches. Once you’re done scrubbing the piece, dap it dry with the microfiber cloth. These cloths are adept at drying and cleaning things without scratches; they are often used for spectacles.

Where Do I Wear My Engagement Ring?

Most Americans wear the engagement ring on their left hand’s ring finger, the second-to-last digit when viewed palm up. Once the vows are exchanged, some wear the engagement ring on top of the wedding band. This creates an expressive and attention-grabbing bridal stack. Others opt to don the engagement ring only on special occasions, preferring instead the comfort of a wedding band. Ultimately, it depends on you and your tastes.

In other regions, people have other traditions. Some countries in Eastern Europe prefer to wear their rings on the right hand. In Brazil, newly-weds' rings swap hands after the vows.

Discover Engagement Rings at Exclusively Diamonds

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