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Services offered at Exclusively Diamonds include on-site jewelry repair, and diamond setting by master jewelers, engraving, pearl restringing, personal shopping services, custom design and insurance and estate appraisals.


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Watch Complications for Your Life

Discover the watch complications on luxury timepieces that will be most fitting for your lifestyle with the team at Exclusively Diamonds in Mankato, Minnesota.

Discover the watch complications on luxury timepieces that will be most fitting for your lifestyle with the team at Exclusively Diamonds in Mankato, Minnesota.

A watch complication is any function a watch performs besides displaying the time on the face of the watch. Over the long history of wristwatches, several innovations have improved not only their functionality but also the lives of those who wear them. Our team at Exclusively Diamonds has compiled a select amount of popular watch complications that are practical and useful.


The day-date complication can be presented together or separately on a watch’s dial. Typically set using the crown with one direction setting the day and the other the date.

Useful to know the day at a glance, this is the most popular watch complication with several different ways of being presented, depending on the watchmaker and desired aesthetic. Sometimes this complication is presented as a sub-dial on the face of the watch as well.

Perpetual Calendar

The most intricate type of calendar complication commonly featured on watches is the perpetual calendar. This accurately shows the date, day, month, and year on the face of the watch and can even take leap years into account. A luxury watch with this complication will be helpful to both explorers and business people for precise presentation of the day of the year no matter what.

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Travelers and remote workers will benefit from a GMT complication. GMTs show the time in another time zone in a few different ways. A hand can be set independently from the rest of the watch to quickly show what time it is in the other time zone at the same time.

Some designers attach a subdial on the watch face that can be set to a different timezone of your choosing. If you have clients on one coast or are traveling to a new country and want to check in at home, knowing what time it is before calling will be helpful for everyone.


One of the most popular watch complications on our list, the chronograph turns your luxury timepiece into a stopwatch. Diving and racing watches, in particular, will find the ability to precisely time certain events incredibly useful.

A chronograph with one button can be started, stopped, and then immediately reset with the next click. Chronograph watches with two buttons may be stopped and restarted without erasing the time and starting over. Having this tool at hand can be useful in a myriad of circumstances.

Moonphase Complication

A complication with a lovely aesthetic is the moonphase complication. This complication displays whether the moon is full, half, quarter, or a new moon.

Luxury designers construct beautiful ways of incorporating this complication into the overall style of the watch that can range from glamorous to utilitarian. Although gorgeous and modernly loved, this complication was first developed so sailors could gauge the tides.

Buy Luxury Watches with Complications at Exclusively Diamonds

Explore our beautiful selection of luxury watches with a plethora of complications in our Exclusively Diamonds showroom. We maintain a consistent supply of fantastic timepiece designers to benefit the wonderful people of Minnesota.

Since 1980, we have continued our promise of providing only the best customer service and quality accessories to the people we have been lucky to assist. Visit our Mankato jewelry store for an exceptional experience with a team of professionals who care about your next luxury purchase.


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