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Services offered at Exclusively Diamonds include on-site jewelry repair, and diamond setting by master jewelers, engraving, pearl restringing, personal shopping services, custom design and insurance and estate appraisals.


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Ideal Jewelry Styles for Winter Accessorizing

Learn how to bring sparkle and personality to your ensembles during the cold winter months with the help of our team here at Exclusively Diamonds.

close-up image of a woman wearing a burgundy sweater and a bold yellow gold pendant necklace

Winter's chill presents a unique fashion challenge, but it also brings the opportunity to elevate your style game. As you drape yourself in thicker coats, plush knit tops, and snug scarves, it's essential not to let your jewelry fade into the background. At Exclusively Diamonds, we understand the power of accessorizing during the colder months. Our experts have put together a guide to help you choose the pieces that will successfully stand out and won’t become lost in the layers. Turn to Exclusively Diamonds to ensure a radiant winter wardrobe.

a yellow gold circle pendant necklace with diamond details and chunky chain

Chunky Chains and Bold Pendants

Delicate chains and intricate details, while undeniably beautiful, often find themselves at odds with winter's textured fabrics. The fine craftsmanship can easily get entangled in the weave of sweaters, or become lost amidst the layers of scarves and coats. Moreover, such subtle pieces can be overpowered by the season's bolder clothing. Enter the realm of chunky chains and prominent pendants. Take, for example, this Roberto Coin necklace with large chain links, culminating in a simple, round pendant. Its bold yellow-gold hue not only resists being overshadowed but also becomes a striking focal point, cutting through the winter drab and asserting its beauty with confidence.

a pair of small, yellow gold huggie rings featuring bezel-set, round cut diamonds

Huggie Earrings and Show-Stopping Studs

Winter's layered aesthetic, while cozy and chic, poses certain challenges for jewelry enthusiasts. Long, dangly earrings or those with jagged silhouettes are prone to entanglement in scarves, turtlenecks, and coat collars, potentially causing discomfort or damage to the jewelry. Instead, the season calls for simplicity and compactness. Huggie earrings and large, smooth-sided studs emerge as the quintessential choices. They frame the face beautifully without the risk of snagging. Take, for instance, this pair of yellow gold huggie earrings. Their close embrace of the earlobe combines sophistication with practicality, making them a fitting winter companion.

a bold, mixed metal cuff bracelet featuring five individual bands and diamond accents

Easy-To-Wear Cuff and Bangle Bracelets

The allure of delicate bracelets with dainty chains is undeniable, but warm winter clothing tends to swallow such pieces. Their intricate details can become entangled in the fibers of chunky sweaters, risking damage to both the jewelry and the fabric. Moreover, their appeal often remains hidden beneath bulky sleeves. In contrast, substantial cuffs and bangles emerge as the ideal winter adornments. For instance, consider this exquisite bracelet from our inventory here at Exclusively Diamonds. This bracelet's mixed metals and varied textures command attention, adding depth and visual interest. Easily slipped over sleeves, its design eschews fiddly clasps, ensuring both the wearer's style and comfort remain uncompromised.

a yellow gold thick fashion ring with diamond accents

Bold Cocktail Fashion Rings

Ring stacking captures the vivacity of summer, allowing wearers to playfully express their style. Yet, as winter's chill sets in, our hands naturally constrict due to the cold, heightening the risk of rings slipping off. This seasonal shift necessitates a change in our jewelry approach. Instead of multiple slender bands, in the colder months, consider accessorizing with just one or two statement rings. Such pieces not only remain secure but their dazzling designs and polished metals compensate for fewer adornments. Consider this standout statement ring’s exquisite sparkle and intricate design ensure that even in winter, your hands radiate an unmatched elegance.

close up image of a woman’s outstretched arm wearing a bold yellow gold cuff bracelet

Shop Winter Accessories at Exclusively Diamonds

As winter approaches, elevate your style with exquisite designer jewelry from Exclusively Diamonds. Our pristine Mankato jewelry store boasts a curated collection of pieces perfectly suited for the colder months. Beyond our hand picked selections, we pride ourselves on offering custom design services, allowing you to manifest your unique vision into tangible elegance. Whether you're searching for statement pieces or wish to craft a bespoke design, Exclusively Diamonds stands ready to assist. Contact us today for more information on our exceptional products and services.


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