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Exclusively Diamonds provides customers with exceptional attention and customer service with every visit. Offering customers superior value in merchandise, quality, price, selection and satisfaction is a must. We offer over 200 years of combined experience with our staff to help meet and exceed any jewelry purchasing need. We also offer three in-store goldsmiths with over 70 years of combined experience for jewelry repair and restoration. We have a graduate gemologist on-site that hand select every diamond for maximum beauty and brilliance. We are committed to giving personal service and attention to detail to make every purchase memorable and rewarding.


Below are some of the most common repair needs we take care of every day:

Appraisals and Gem Lab

The opinion of monetary worth given to jewelry can vary depending on the assigned and intended use of the appraisal or report, so it is essential to establish your needs and purpose of the document with your appraiser. As a member of the American Gem Society, Exclusively Diamonds is committed to helping you protect your valuables by providing the very best service and the most accurate information available for appraising fine jewelry.

How to Prepare for a Jewelry Appraisal:

Let us be the concierge for your most treasured belongings. All items originally purchased from Exclusively Diamonds will come with a complimentary appraisal document when the item is picked up.

At any point after the initial purchase at Exclusively Diamonds, if you require an appraisal document or an update on an existing appraisal there will be an update fee of $35.00.

If your treasured item was not originally purchased at Exclusively Diamonds it will be considered an “outside appraisal,” meaning it was purchased “outside our store”. These appraisals will be assigned to our (Appraiser, Carl Weimer, GG) who is in our store approximately twice per month. Appraisal services and document will have a charge of $95.00 per hour, per item.

Follow the journey your jewelry will take through our appraisal process:

  • When you bring your item/items into the store they will be checked in and documented by our trusted team of sales professionals. At this time make sure to disclose what type of Appraisal document you are requesting. Insurance Replacement?, Division of Estate?, Etc.
  • You will reserve your place on the appraiser’s list by making your deposit of $50.00. Your deposit will be used toward your total balance at pick up.
  • Your items will be polished and completely cleaned for proper evaluation. This step takes some time but it is very important. Be prepared to drop off your items at least 1 week prior to the date the appraiser will be in our store.
  • Your items will then be thoroughly examined under 60X magnification by our Repair Department Manager/Custom Design Specialist or our Repair department Coordinator for repair recommendations as needed.
  • If during the examination of your items it is determined that some repair work is recommended, you will be contacted with an estimate. With the exception of some very specialized repair needs, all repair work is done on our premises in our shop by one of our highly skilled Bench Jewelers. On average, once the approval has been given for the estimate it will take approximately 1 week to complete the repair work.
  • At this point in the process our Appraiser will use our lab and diagnostic tools to weigh, grade, measure and evaluate your item. After researching current market values he will create an appraisal document.
  • Once your items and document are completed you will be contacted by your preferred method to inform you that they are ready for you to pick up.

Here are some questions to ask your insurance agent before you insure your fine jewelry:

  • Is an appraisal necessary for full coverage?
  • What is the difference between scheduled and unscheduled coverage?
  • Is there a deductible? If so, how much? Do I have the option to increase the deductible and thus lower the premium?
  • Is my policy all-risk (partial loss, damage, theft, mysterious disappearance and other perils)?
  • Can I go to whomever I wish for the replacement?
  • If a loss has been replaced through an insurance company source, will I be allowed to verify proper replacement by an independent firm or accredited appraiser of my choice?
  • Is there a difference in limitations between jewelry and silverware?
  • Are there any geographical limitations to my coverage?
  • What is the premium rate per thousand dollars of value for full coverage?
  • Is depreciation ever imposed on anything?
  • How often should I have an appraisal done?
  • Am I limited to the appraisal value should there be a sizable increase in value?
  • Are there any exclusions?
  • What proof is needed to report a loss?
  • Are there any security precautions required? If not, would there be a premium savings if special precautions were taken e.g., the items were kept in a home safe or safe deposit box when not worn?
  • What if the insured item is irreplaceable, like an antique?
  • What types of property are not covered?
  • Will you show me the actual language in the policy that addresses each concern I’ve expressed?
  • Is all your coverage priced at the same rate per thousand?
  • Does “inflation guard,” if any, apply to my insured jewelry?
  • If there is a loss, do I have a choice of full cash-out or will I have to accept less?
  • Will the occurrence of an insured loss affect my continuing coverage?

Jewelry Repair

Our jewelry repair department consists of three in-store Goldsmiths with over 70 years of combined experience as well as a Quality Control Manager who tracks your repair from take-in to pick-up. We specialize in cleaning, restoring and maintaining fine quality jewelry. Our state-of-the-art tools and equipment allow us to be properly equipped for all of your jewelry repair needs and ensures top quality work.


Earlobe Piercing – We offer earlobe piercing with solid karat gold piercing studs. By piercing with solid karat gold earrings, the ears will heal quicker and have far less chance of infection.

Princess Earlobe Piercing Package – Choose our Princess Piercing Package for the extra special experience. Watch our video below for more information and call us with questions about our specific offerings, 507-345-1658.



Cleaning and Inspection

At Exclusively Diamonds, jewelry cleaning and inspection are complimentary and should be performed at least once every 6 months. Regular “clean and checks” are the first line of defense against major jewelry repairs. They work as a preventative measure because they allow us to inspect your jewelry under 60x power magnification to see repairs before they become noticeable to the naked eye. A simple clean and check can be the difference between tightening a loose diamond and having to replace that diamond all together. Everyday activities like washing your hands, cleaning the house and even sleeping (sheets can be abrasive), cause wear and tear on your jewelry. Being cautious of your activities and removing your pieces when necessary will help preserve your jewelry and keep the cost of maintenance down. Of course, no matter how cautious you are, jewelry may still need work and will always need cleaning. We will buff out scratches, scrub off any dirt, and steam your pieces so they shine as brightly as the day you got them.


Soldering and Laser Welding

Many jewelry repair needs require the use of soldering or laser welding. While both techniques ultimately lead to the same end result, they are very different in terms of precision. Soldering uses a gas-oxygen torch or open flame to heat solder, which flows across and bridges the metal together. This high temperature heat is applied to a relatively large area and steps must be taken before and after to ensure a clean, non-visible seam. Laser welding on the other hand, is a highly concentrated light energy which welds the metal to itself. This localized heat source results in a seamless, undetectable work zone. Laser welding is especially helpful when working with some of the most intricate designs and comes in handy when small diamonds need re-tipping. Because of the finely focused laser, the minimal heat affected zone, and the precision available with the laser welder, we most often use this technique so that you can be confident your jewelry repair is the best that it can be.


Re-tipping and Crown Repair

After continuous wear, rings can begin to wear down and are exposed to structural weakness. The owner’s lifestyle and behaviors can also hasten prong wear such as wearing the ring during manual labor or to bed (sheets can be abrasive.) When your prongs become worn, we will determine whether a simple re-tip or a complete crown repair will keep your diamonds the safest. Re-tipping enforces the ring’s structure by rebuilding prongs that are worn, but not worn out with the same metal alloy your ring is made of. If the prongs are so badly worn on the tops and sides, a complete crown replacement will be recommended to ensure that your diamonds and gems won’t fall out. We will always suggest the repair that will keep your diamonds the safest and allow you to confidently wear your jewelry every single day.



We will measure your finger to determine the appropriate size for your ring; tight enough that it won’t slip off, but loose enough that a good twist and pull will remove it. To decrease the size, we cut out a small section of the band, reshape it, solder it back together and then buff out any trace of the cut. To make the ring bigger, we will either stretch it depending on the thickness of the metal, or add an extension, also known as a “bridge.” This is done by cutting the ring, adding a piece of the same kind of metal that the ring is made of, soldering the pieces back together, and then buffing out any trace of the cut. Of course, not all rings should be resized. Some metals simply aren’t sizeable while other rings, especially those with intricate details or a large amount of very small diamonds, will be greatly affected in terms of durability and quality. We take every precaution when sizing rings to ensure that your ring is just as beautiful and wearable as the day you got it.

Jewelry and Custom Designs

Jewelry often holds sentimental value especially when it is passed from one generation to the next. Since these heirloom pieces see a lot of wear, they often require restoration work to help preserve them. We will do our best to give your special pieces a “like new” look and restore them to their original form. If we feel that the piece would be best suited to be re-set into a different design, we will recommend that. Often times, customers will choose to incorporate part of an heirloom piece into a brand new design. We love working with those who want to create a one-of-a-kind piece and we work closely with designers and your ideas to turn your thoughts into reality.


Stone Setting and Tightening

When buying jewelry from us, especially rings, you will choose the center diamond that matches your taste and price point. We set those diamonds in our shop so that your jewelry never leaves the store. When diamonds need to be tightened, we can take care of that too. If purchased in our store, diamond tightening is always free of charge.


Refinishing and Rhodium Plating

 Dull, discolored or badly scratched pieces can be refinished and restored to their original condition. We will also rhodium flash your jewelry when the bright-white color of white gold fades. If purchased from our store, the first three flashes are free of charge.

Bracelet and Chain Repair

We can repair or replace broken pieces and clasps on chains and bracelets when they become twisted, tangled and broken through wear and improper storage.



We will make every effort to accommodate your engraving requests when you want something special written on your pieces.

Explore our Engraveable Monogram Jewelry


Eye Glass Repair

 Broken eye glasses can be repaired in our shop. Since we often don’t know what metal the rims are made of, it can be tricky to make a permanent fix. We consider our eye glass repair to be a temporary solution while you wait for your new pair to arrive.

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