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Modern Engagement Ring Styles

The engagement ring was first invented in Ancient Rome. Ever since, these enchanting rings have captured the imagination of soon-to-be spouses and jewelers alike. There are many more new looks, details, and styles available today for these precious symbols than ever before. We at Exclusively Diamonds are proud to offer a plethora of engagement rings for your modern love.

Hidden Halos Engagement Rings

The halo is a classic, beloved setting that wraps the center stone with a layer of small, brilliant accessory stones. This delightful look draws the eye to a breathtaking light display, guaranteed to enthrall any viewer. Hidden halos present a clever twist to this old favorite, wherein the center stone rests on top of the halo. This setting can only be seen from the side profile. An often overlooked angle is elevated spectacularly by this exhilarating modern style.

Oval Cut Halo Rings

A vast majority of engagement rings are set with round cut diamonds. While these stones are certainly beautiful, they may leave one wanting for something more unique. Oval cut gems are a fantastic alternative as they offer almost the same brilliance with a distinctive and elegantly curved silhouette. A radiant halo helps further the stone’s gorgeous aesthetic. Some pieces have smaller accessory stones for a more understated accent, while others feature larger stones to evoke pure, eye-catching luxury.

Split Shank Rings

These part from the norm by inserting gaps in the shank (the part of the band surrounding the center stone). The complex, gorgeous band is further elevated through the addition of pave diamonds. This combination is truly sublime, ensuring that every viewer’s breath is taken away. Some pieces even feature mixed metal features for a more statement-making look.

Bezel Engagement Rings

The prong is considered one of the most important advancements in jewelry making. This setting holds gems in place with tiny metal spokes, allowing all the stone’s sides to be visible. These prongs can be vulnerable to snapping, though, due to their delicate form. Bezel settings impart the ring with a more contemporary aesthetic, surrounding the gem in precious metal. There, it is kept safe and secure.

Intertwining Engagement Rings

This exceptional style is unique and gorgeous. These rings appear to have multiple bands woven together, giving the piece a fantastic texture. Some intertwining bands have a rustic, yarn-like aesthetic while others tend towards a floral feel. For a more eclectic style, some feature mixed metals like white and rose gold. This brings out the color in both metals. Intertwining engagement rings are great for those seeking a particularly unique look.

Find Engagement Rings at Exclusively Diamonds

At Exclusively Diamonds, you will find only the best engagement rings. Carefully chosen for their high-end elegance and peerless quality, all of our engagement rings are sure to make your dreams come true. Have questions about the styles available at our store? Call our showroom on Adams Street at (507) 345-1658 for more information.