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A man and woman simultaneously placing matching rings on each others’ fingers

Mankato Jewelry Store

In the Blue Earth County of Minnesota lies the city of Mankato. The breathtaking landscapes of our local parks and trails make this a place well received by nature lovers while still remaining the fifth largest metropolitan area outside of St. Paul. We are proud to have provided luxury jewelry and timepieces to the discerning citizens of Mankato and surrounding areas from our Exclusively Diamonds showroom for the last 40 years, and we look forward to continuing to thrive and support this wonderful community that we have grown within. Our commitment remains to help maintain Mankato’s small-town values while still growing with the contemporary times.

Our experienced and talented team of experts have carefully curated our inventory of designer fashion jewelry, bridal jewelry, and luxury timepieces to reflect our commitment to quality as well as our passion for artistry. Not only do we provide these products, but our customers can also come to us for a range of precisely executed professional jewelry services. The services offered at Exclusively Diamonds will retain your item's value and aesthetic beauty for generations.

Between cleanings, polishings, or repairs, our experienced team of goldsmiths and American Gem Society members will make sure that every item you entrust with us receives top care to maintain or restore the item back to its original condition. If you’re looking for a custom-designed piece of jewelry, our jewelers will keep you informed throughout the process. We look forward to building relationships with our client base here in Mankato so that we may continue to preserve their luxury items for their lifetime.

A woman’s hand holding a pair of pearl earrings in a yellow gold setting

Local Mankato Jeweler

At Exclusively Diamonds, we take immense pride in being Mankato’s best local jewelry store. It is our goal to contribute to the culture of this city while serving to celebrate its uniqueness. It has been our pleasure to find our appreciation for the finer things reflected back to us by the people of Mankato.

Before shopping at a local jewelry store, it is important to do some research. Finding the perfect store for you should only take a few minutes of your time. First, check their online presence. They should have a positive reputation with their community, so be sure to  read reviews and testimonials from websites like Google and Yelp. Social media profiles are also good sources for customer experiences, but be aware that businesses can delete negative comments. We are incredibly proud of the positive reputation we hold here in Minnesota, and happy to have our potential customers gain insight into the kind of experience they can expect with us from those that have previously visited our store.

Second, check out their inventory online to ensure the jeweler you choose carries the brands and styles you are searching for. Many jewelry stores show all of their offerings online. Our website, for instance, is easy to navigate and clearly showcases the selection of jewelry and timepieces we offer by some of the most reputable brands in the world.

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Exclusively Diamonds is Mankato's Source for Fine Jewelry

Our inventory represents to the world our expertise and understanding when it comes to fine jewelry and timepieces. Our selection of jewelry by renowned  designers is hand-picked according to the tastes of our customers and communities who respect quality accessories. We look forward to being part of your unique love story when you buy  engagement rings or  wedding bands from designers such as  Martin Flyer or  A.JAFFE that we display in our shop. You deserve to feel beautiful every day, and our fashion jewelry from jewelry makers such as  Simon G. and  Roberto Coin can swiftly elevate your daily style. A finely crafted  watch serves as a functional and fashion-forward statement piece that can complete a look for men and women. Among the renowned watchmakers we house is  Wolf with their collections of luxurious accessories.

Shopping at our fine jewelry store will guarantee a smile when you walk through the door and once you leave. You will work with certified jewelry professionals to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry for you. We ensure that all of our products are high-quality and authentic pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Customers who shop with us leave satisfied and know that when they come back, they’ll be treated with the utmost care. Rest assured, we can provide the tailored experience you want in a jewelry store.

A woman’s hand holding a man’s and wearing a yellow gold engagement ring

Family-Owned in Mankato

Exclusively Diamonds offers our customers something unique in our being family-owned. 

We offer the personal touch, expertise, and enduring value that only a family-owned jewelry store can provide. Unlike large chains, we know our customers and understand their unique needs, creating a shopping experience that's tailored just for you. Our exceptional quality, hand-selected pieces each have their own story, showcasing craftsmanship that big box stores just cannot match.

Additionally, our decades of industry knowledge ensure that you're investing in timeless pieces that carry both aesthetic and intrinsic value. Shopping with us also contributes to the local economy of Mankato, MN, because we believe in giving back to the community that's nurtured our family business. So, step into Exclusively Diamonds, where shopping for jewelry is not just a transaction, but a warm, memorable, and rewarding experience. We are committed to serving our customers with authenticity, fostering relationships that extend far beyond the purchase.

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Trust Exclusively Diamonds in Mankato

At Exclusively Diamonds, we believe that purchasing jewelry is more than just a purchase - it's a personal journey, and our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way. The experienced and friendly staff we employ here in our  Mankato jewelry store are always eager to share their wealth of knowledge, ensuring you make an informed and confident choice from our exquisite selection of designer pieces. Each item in our collection is thoughtfully curated for its remarkable quality and timeless beauty.

To complement our inventory, we also offer an array of  professional jewelry services, catering to all your jewelry needs under one roof. From maintenance to customization, our skilled jewelers handle each piece with the utmost care and precision. We welcome you to experience our unparalleled commitment to customer service firsthand.  Request an appointment today for a personalized consultation with one of our team members and embark on a memorable journey of timeless elegance and extraordinary craftsmanship at Exclusively Diamonds.