April 17th, 2024

brock & Kiana

Proposal Story

Brock and Kiana have known each other since elementary school. They started out as friends and started dating in high school. Little did Kiana know a dinner date would lead to them being engaged!

Jewelry Joy
The Ring:

14 karat yellow gold solitaire engagement ring mounting with a white gold crown holding a 1.00 carat diamond.

The Story:

Brock and I have known each other since elementary school. We started out as friends, and he finally asked me out when we were in high school One night he asked me to go out to eat at the good old Oldham Saloon where we always went on little dates. On the way there, he randomly stopped the car at his old family farm. We'd driven by that farm hundreds of times and every time he'd point to the silo that said "Bumann" and say "there's our farm." As you could probably tell, Brock is somewhat shy and doesn't like his picture taken. So, I was very surprised when he said, "let's get out and take a picture by our farm." Me being hungry and in a hurry to get to Oldham, I hurried up and jumped out to get the picture over with I quickly tried to get back into the warm car when he said, "Kiana," and I turned around, and he had the ring out and asked me (finally) to marry him best surprise ever and I forgot how hungry I was and just remember being so happy 

The Location:
Oldham, SD