When it comes to getting engaged, most people are over the moon with positive emotions. Not only are they committing to be together forever, but getting married comes with a whirlwind of life changes.

Buying engagement rings and other bridal jewelry is changing. From couples shopping together to buying alternative stones, bridal jewelry stores are seeing many new trends.

Couples Now Have Equal Say

As part of becoming a married couple, traditions are changing around who decides and picks out the wedding jewelry. It was common for a man to make every decision and purchase regarding the wedding bands in the past. He would find out the ring size of his bride to be and then purchase a suitable wedding band based on the jeweler’s opinion. Most often, this was a plain gold wedding band for him, and a gold band with a diamond inset for her.

Nowadays, instead of putting all the responsibility on the groom, many couples go shopping together for their bridal jewelry. This isn’t because they’re obsessive about getting the perfect piece of jewelry, but because it has become an activity in which both partners have an equal say. In fact, almost 35% of couples spend 3 months or less researching what ring they want and where they want to buy before getting engaged. 24% spend a little longer on the matter, averaging at between 4 – 6 months.

Diamonds May Be Forever, But They’re Not The Only Stone Around

While a diamond is the most traditional, they’re far from the only option for engagement rings. Many modern couples are interested in creating new traditions, which can involve choosing different stones from the classic diamond.

Many women are particularly into choosing their birthstones, which can vary from sapphire to a pearl, depending on the month. Not only does this signify something unique, but it also typically costs less than a diamond ring and may impact a couple’s budget more favorably toward other expenses.

Rings Are Lovely, But Restrictive

Some couples at bridal jewelry stores are inquiring about how they can solidify their union without having to wear a ring. While rings are lovely, many people find them restrictive and unnecessary. Many couples are opting for necklaces, bracelets, or other forms of jewelry to show their devotion to each other.

When you walk into a bridal jewelry store, you expect to be taken care of by someone who wants to help you and your sweetheart take an emotional bond and represent it in physical form. No matter which style of engagement jewelry you choose, a local bridal jewelry store will be able to help you find a piece that perfectly symbolizes your love.

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