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Services offered at Exclusively Diamonds include on-site jewelry repair, and diamond setting by master jewelers, engraving, pearl restringing, personal shopping services, custom design and insurance and estate appraisals.


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Exclusively Diamonds is located in a old bank building with a ton of parking

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Necklaces for Valentine's Day Gifts

Make your significant other’s Valentine’s Day perfect with these necklaces from Exclusively Diamonds.

Make your significant other’s Valentine’s Day perfect with these necklaces from Exclusively Diamonds.

Close up image of a person’s neck wearing layered pearl and chain necklaces and a heart pendant

Want to give someone jewelry this Valentine’s Day? A fine necklace is an excellent choice. Available in a myriad of styles, they are the focal point of any outfit. It’s exceedingly important to think about the recipient’s stylistic preferences when giving them a necklace. Some pieces have slender and understated looks, while others embody a more spectacular form. Necklaces use various materials, such as onyx, diamonds, sterling silver, and stainless steel. Whatever your significant other likes, we have the right necklace for them at Exclusively Diamonds.

Intricate Chain

The chain necklace is a classic. These attractive pieces are slender and understated, ensuring their place in any outfit. Gold chains are among the most iconic necklaces, while sterling silver offers a sophisticated intrigue. Both men and women love chains. Designers make every chain necklace distinct through creative and detailed metalwork.

Gold necklace with an “s” pendant and diamond accents

Initial Pendants

Some designers create jewelry showcasing letter motifs. Large letters emboldened by precious metals like diamonds and gold evoke a luxurious but personal aesthetic. This makes it easy to personalize them as gifts. They can signify the recipient's name, your name, or something more sentimental.

This diamond S pendant by Roberto Coin offers a spectacular, bold look. Exceptional creativity, regal glamor, and distinctive style make this an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Silver necklace with a heart shaped pendant with diamond accents

Romantic Heart Pendants

Select something thematic this Valentine’s Day with a heart pendant. They convey romance and affection quickly and effortlessly, ensuring that the recipient knows exactly what you mean. Jewelry brands create a plethora of beautiful heart necklaces exhibiting luxurious materials. The large canvas provided by heart pendants allows designers to design attractive, ornate displays.

Our Signature Collection diamond heart necklace evokes a radiant and brilliant chic. 18k white gold and plenty of bright diamonds allow for peerlessly vibrant and vivid light reflection.

A silver circle pendant necklace with diamond accents and a solitary sapphire

Colorful Gemstones

Add a splash of color with a gemstone necklace. These fantastic accessories showcase colorful jewels like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires for an enchanting, stylish accent. Correlate it with their birthstone or favorite color for a more personal touch. Whether worn with a neutral outfit or a more spectacular ensemble, a bejeweled necklace is an excellent choice.

A circle of brilliant diamonds is interrupted only by a sophisticated blue sapphire exhibiting a deep and vibrant hue.

A gold heart pendant necklace half covered in pink gemstones, lying on a rose

Find Valentine’s Day Necklaces at Exclusively Diamonds

Discover the most luxurious, attractive accessories at Exclusively Diamonds. Our Mankato jewelry store showcases a peerlessly expansive and exceptional selection of designer jewelry. From lovely necklaces to sublime timepieces, you’ll find everything you need at our showroom on Adams Street.

For decades, we’ve been doing everything we can to keep our city fashionable. Our legacy of luxury ensures customer service like no other jeweler can. Call our Mankato jewelry store at 507-345-1658 to speak with our staff and learn more about all the beautiful accessories we can offer.


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