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Services offered at Exclusively Diamonds include on-site jewelry repair, and diamond setting by master jewelers, engraving, pearl restringing, personal shopping services, custom design and insurance and estate appraisals.


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How to Shop for an Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring is a journey. Learn how to pick the perfect one with Exclusively Diamonds.

Finding the perfect engagement ring is a journey. Learn how to pick the perfect one with Exclusively Diamonds.

Technically, an engagement ring is defined by the prominence of a center stone. But it’s a lot more to most people. It's a symbol of love, romance, maturity, friendship, and more. They are made to be worn in every situation, leading up to and after the wedding. The buying process largely reflects their symbolic importance. It’s time-consuming, complex, and overwhelming. That’s why we wrote this guide – to illuminate the esoteric adventure of buying an engagement ring.

First, the Budget

Set a budget. It’s hard to overstate the importance of budgeting, both in life and in jewelry. While tradition dictates that the groom must devote three months' salary to the ring, that’s merely a marketing campaign.

When making a budget, think about what’s more important to you: the setting or the center stone. The center stone can be much more pricey than the setting, so adjust accordingly. This budget will help narrow down the limitless possibilities.

Second, the Diamond Cut

Picking the diamond cut is the second step, as most settings don’t work for all cuts. Think about what kind of aesthetic you prefer. Do you tend to opt for vintage extravagance or modern minimalism? Classic radiance or rare eccentricity? Here are a few of the most common cuts:

  • Round: By far the most common, round cuts are more brilliant than any other. They also tend to be more expensive than other stones.
  • Princess: These square shaped diamonds are unique, feminine, and glamorous. While they are second in popularity, the overwhelming popularity of round still lets them be distinctive.
  • Oval: These elegant and sophisticated gemstones evoke a vintage enchantment. They are almost as bright as round diamonds but are more unusual in appearance.
  • Emerald: Beloved by many celebrities, the emerald cut has a rectangular shape. It features a marvelous hall-of-mirrors effect and requires high-quality diamonds to fulfill its potential.
  • Pear: Also called “teardrops,” pear cut diamonds have a pointy tip and wide base. Smaller carat stones look larger in this cut, which provides a fantastic aesthetic.

Of course, there are many other cuts to choose from. Our diamond guide is a great place to start. Whatever diamond you buy, make sure that it’s certified by institutions like the Gemological Institute of America. Never purchase from a source you don’t trust.

Third, the Setting

The ring setting helps to determine the overall feel of the ring. Jewelry designers from all over the world create many fantastic settings to choose from. The classic solitaire is a favorite of minimalist enthusiasts, while the three stone settings sport two accessory gemstones for a spectacular effect.

Carefully consider the precious metals used in the piece. While white gold is stunning, it also needs to be redipped occasionally to retain its hue. Platinum may be more expensive, but you’ll never have to worry about maintenance (except for routine cleaning).

Last, Buy it From a Trusted Jeweler like Exclusively Diamonds

It’s vital to get the ring from a place you trust like Exclusively Diamonds in Mankato, Minnesota. Our jewelry store is staffed by a certified team of experts and has a large body of experience to draw from, ensuring you’ll find the perfect ring. If you can’t visit in person, check out our online shop.

It would be our distinct honor to assist you in finding the engagement ring of your partner’s dreams, and you can rest assured that any piece you purchase from us is of top tier quality. Call our jewelry store at (507) 345-1658 for the answers to all of your questions.


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