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When to Buy Your Wedding Bands

March 5th, 2024

Selecting the perfect wedding bands is a significant step in your wedding planning journey, symbolizing your eternal love and commitment. The question of "how early should you buy your wedding bands before the wedding?" is common among couples. The answer can vary, depending on several factors, including whether you desire custom-designed rings. At Exclusively Diamonds, we are here to help you assess all the options and decide what is the best time for you to buy your wedding band.

(9-12 Months Before the Wedding)

Starting your search for wedding bands 9-12 months before your wedding gives you ample time to explore various styles, metals, and stones. This period is especially crucial if you're considering custom wedding bands, as the design and creation process can be intricate and time-consuming. Early planning also allows you to budget accordingly, potentially saving for those bands that caught your eye. This time frame ensures you won't have to compromise due to rushed decisions or financial constraints.

a man and woman’s hand wearing their wedding bands

 (6-9 Months Before the Wedding)

At the halfway point to your wedding, it's a good idea to have made some key decisions about your wedding bands. If you're opting for custom designs, you should be finalizing your choices and starting the design process. This stage is also ideal for trying on different bands to see how they feel and look with your engagement ring, if applicable. Committing to a purchase around this time ensures you'll have the bands well ahead of the wedding, leaving room for any necessary adjustments or resizing.

(3-6 Months Before the Wedding)

With the wedding drawing closer, purchasing your wedding bands between 3 to 6 months before the date is crucial. This window is your safety net for ready-made rings or finalizing custom orders. It provides enough time for any last-minute changes and ensures that your rings will be ready for any pre-wedding photoshoots. Additionally, ordering within this timeframe frees your mind to focus on other wedding details as the day approaches.

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(Less Than 3 Months)

While not ideal, buying your wedding bands less than three months before the wedding is still possible.Ensure clear communication with your jeweler about your timeline to avoid any pre-wedding stress.

Pick a Time That Works Best for You

Ultimately, the most critical advice is to choose a timeline that resonates deeply with both you and your partner. This decision should be a reflection of what feels most comfortable and suitable for your unique needs and circumstances. Each couple's journey to their big day is distinct, filled with different priorities and schedules.

Opting for a moment that aligns with your personal timeline ensures a stress-free and meaningful experience. Remember, the essence of these bands is to symbolize your love and commitment. Let this guiding principle lead you to a decision-making process that is both joyful and authentic to your relationship, ensuring that when you finally slip these rings on, they are not just symbols of your commitment but also of a journey that was uniquely yours.

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Find Incredible Wedding Bands at Exclusively Diamonds

As you plan your perfect day, Exclusively Diamonds in Mankato, Minnesota, is here to make your wedding band selection a joyful and stress-free experience. With an extensive selection of stunning wedding bands and the option for custom designs, we're dedicated to helping you find rings that embody your love and commitment. Visit us or contact us to start your journey toward finding the perfect wedding bands. At Exclusively Diamonds, your love story is our inspiration.